Friday, August 6, 2010


Forgot there was an eternal up in an abyss... *shivers*... maybe if we all got used to space, and didn't have the intellectual arrogance of wanting to know everything and comprehending it, the up or the down wouldn't be that eternal... would the sky seem eternal to a tiny bird?... wonder why human beings feel a sense of angst, maybe the materialism of happiness, sadness and a million other things enslave us into searching for a million destinies... But materialism doesn't mean not buying the shoe, materialism is buying the shoe and still feeling empty... you could buy a million things but at the end of the day if you feel a sense of fulfillment and meaning, then you have archived being non materialist, the true point lies in feeding the soul i suppose... we always starve it... whats the point in being a Gandhi, we cant fool ourselves for long as hypocrites... infact in today's world we are better off being ourselves, going on our petty quests and having our petty falls, than trying to renounce the world and go into a state of whateverness... When i think of abyss, i think of being underwater, in a deep sea, standing on the edge of a mountain top, and looking down, the gorges in seas are very deep and dark... Abyss (from Greek ἄβυσσος = "bottomless", "the bottomless pit") Nietzsche said, "When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back into you." very deep, this quote... if you understand the spirituality that nature offers, the way a trees bark breathes and the way leaves talk and the way birds listen and look into your eyes, when you have enough silence in you to listen to those things around you, the world becomes blissful... If you ever understood the travelogue "The snow leopard", you can get this quote... And if you get this quote, you get god, and the way the god that we see in the old testament of the bible used to talk to people... But there's one thing, the western concept of existentialism is pessimistic and one of doom... My abyss is not one of fear of the dark, I guess I comprehend darkness as light too, l love the abyss just as I love god, nature and life.. The Indian understanding of maya and existentialism is one of hope and optimism, and its one of beauty, a way to comprehend every essence in life that is real... But i think there is no purpose to life, seeking for a purpose is seeking for materialism, maybe life is a journey, a journey where we make the best meaning out of sights, sounds and experiences... I mean once we leave this body we are just souls isn't it, souls whizzing by in eternal space, breathing...

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