Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Commercialization is a new way capitalists colonize our minds. We strive our entire lives towards acquiring luxuries that become out of style in a year. Quality of life is diluted and human beings are looked upon only as consumers or as potential untapped market. It is very easy to acquire things to consume, this makes us hold only temporary value and a fleeting sense of appeasement leading to existentialist depression. Excessive commercialization has made human beings indifferent and numb to humanistic values. If a person decides to be revolutionary and not give in to commercialization, is such a stand possible, whether we like it or not we are constantly being bombarded by consumer advertisements. Human beings are becoming a monstrous presence on earth, being driven by commercialization, we seem unable to give Nature, Animals and minorities like Tribals, any place to call their own. We grow and grow like a cancer cell only consuming and not giving much to sustain the planet we live on. Our own vices have started to kill us and limit out life span in the form of non- communicable disease. Because of the damage we do to our environment, nature will fail to sustain us one day and the human will become extinct, making the world a utopia again.

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